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Bursa Transfer AS Roma Musim 2011/2012


Adrian Stoian dari Delfino Pescara (peminjaman berakhir)

Ahmed Barusso from Livorno (peminjaman berakhir)

Aleandro Rosi from Siena for € 700,000

Alessandro Crescenzi from Crotone (peminjaman berakhir)

Andrea Bertolacci from Lecce for € 700,000

Claudio Della Penna from Ternana (peminjaman berakhir)

Claudio Fenucci as CEO

Cicinho from Villarreal (peminjaman berakhir)

Emiliano Massimo from SF Aversa Normanna (peminjaman berakhir)

Enrico Citro from SS Cavese (peminjaman berakhir)

Erik Lamela from River Plate for € 12 MM

Filippo Scardina from Como (peminjaman berakhir)

Gianluca Curci from Sampdoria for € 500

Idriss Carlos Kameni from Espanyol for € 1.7 MM

Ivan de la Pena (technical coordinator)

Jose Angel Valdes from Sporting Gijon for € 4.5 MM

Loic Nego from Nantes

Lorenzo Poli from Villacidrese (peminjaman berakhir)

Luis Enrique from Barcelona B (coach)

Marco Borriello from AC Milan for € 10 MM

Marco D’Alessandro from Livorno (peminjaman berakhir)

Simone Sini from Lecce (peminjaman berakhir)

Stefano Guberti from Sampdora for € 500

Stefano Okaka Chuka from Bari (peminjaman berakhir)

Vitorino Antunes from Livorno (peminjaman berakhir)

Walter Sabatini as sporting director


Alex Daniel Pena to Juve Stabia di pinjamkan

Alexander Doni to Liverpool

John Arne Riise to Fulham for € 2.6 MM

Guillermo Burdisso to Rosario Central (peminjaman berakhir)

Mattia Montini to Benevento di Pinjamkan

Paolo Castellini to Parma (peminjaman berakhir)

Philippe Mexes to AC Milan

Paolo Frascatore to Benevento di pinjamkan

Riccardo Brosco to Triestina for € 500,000

Sebastian Mladen to Juve Stabia di pinjamkan

Simone Loria kontrak usai

Stefano Guberti to Torino di pinjamkan

Stefano Pettinari to Crotone di pinjamkan

Valerio Virga kontrak usai

Vincenzo Montella to Catani

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One response to “Bursa Transfer AS Roma Musim 2011/2012

  1. Gian parisa ramadan March 26, 2012 at 4:47 am

    F0rza as.roma.

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